Total Listening Experience

The Experience

Treble Stave

Total Listening Experience is a premium offering from On Hold Europe. We offer a complete end to end customised solution. Our unique package includes an audio logo, customised message and music.


Total Listening Experience is all about branding. Because we create bespoke content, your business can project a unique image. As a result contacting your customers, becomes an special experience.

Total Listening Experience is an exclusive solution for your business. Contact us today to discuss this bespoke service.

Audio Logo

An Audio Logo is a unique 5 second custom audio track, that captures your company DNA. Choose the style you want and we create a bespoke music track. This is something the largest companies in the world use to brand their business. 

An audio logo is normally played with a visual logo. Above all it will help unify any sonic property that a brand owns.

Customised on Hold Message

A Customised on Hold Message that uses your captive audience, increases your market share. Most importantly it uses the chance to micro market in a cost effective way.

Commissioned Piece of Music

A commissioned piece of music to be used across all platforms. This can either be for Internet, Social Media or Telecoms. Music association is a powerful tool, to market your company and associate it with a specific brand.

Integrated Marketing

Above all it ties all the elements of your business into a cohesive entity. For that reason, we recommend a unified marketing approach. Do you have a piece of music in a style you want ? Well you can own it outright. Contact us today

Total Listening Experience is your experience made by us for you. 

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