Customised Messages

Customised Messages

On Hold Europe provide customised on hold messages. Our on hold marketing services, let’s you speak directly to your customers. Because we provide great tailored content, the first impression of your business is efficient.

Bespoke Advertising

Bespoke advertising, allows you to micro-market your business. Most importantly you take advantage of this cost effective marketing time.

Customised messages are the optimum way to inform your customers about your business. By not using this simple solution, you run the risk of losing customers through hang up’s.

You have spent money through your marketing and advertising campaigns. Because on hold marketing uses your existing phone system, it is cost effective. Call us today to discuss how we can assist you. 

At On Hold Europe we believe in controlling your call environment. On hold marketing is a powerful tool, because it controls your call enviroment.

Micro Marketing

Micro-market your latest product, service or special offer. Grab the attention of your captive audience. Inform your customers on every aspect your business. Use your existing tech while getting your message across.

Cross Selling

Take the chance to cross sell your other services or products. It might be the case your customers are unaware of some specific services. Sell more to your existing customer base, while you will increase sales.


Our expertise in scripting makes it easy to get the ideal message across. A good script reinforces your existing marketing, therefore making your message clear and concise.

Voiceover Artists

A skilful sounding message will give a great impression to your callers. Take a minute to listen samples of our customised messages below. It’s a selection of Male and Female voice-over artists.

In conclusion companies that use on hold advertising see the benefits. As a result they get increased sales, better caller retention and increased customer satisfaction.

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