After Hours Message

After Hours Message

Our Tips

There’s no single best way to craft an after hours message. The most important point is that you equip your customers with what they need to know. Give them an ability to contact you, whether that’s through voicemail, email, or other channels.

In a concise fashion, you should relate the hours your business functions. Note any potential conflicts such as holidays or business closures. Use an auto attendant if you have more than one menu option for the customer, such as a voicemail box and an emergency support line.

The Message

While a short recording may not seem like a place to win new business, the professionalism, courtesy, and clearness that you convey in your greeting will leave a favourable impression in a customer’s mind.

The Solution

You generate calls through advertising. An after hours message makes sure you can capture any enquiries. If you are out of the office or need an after hours message, we can tailor a message for you.

We supply answer machines if necessary as well so contact us today. Whatever type of message you need, we can look after your requirements. 

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