IVR Phone Prompts

IVR Phone Prompts

IVR phone prompts or call handling on your phone system, means calls are automatically when the phone rings. Callers select their preferred option and you are put through to the right department. Therefore at On Hold Europe we aim is to make your phone system efficient. 

There are so many things to consider when recording messages for your IVR. A professional voiceover is important, but so too is the tone, the longevity of your IVR Voice Prompts and the practicalities of recording them in the first place.

We provide a thorough, cost-effective IVR voice recording service for call centres and large organisations looking to improve contact centre efficiency and customer experience.

We’re proud to work with professional voiceover artists who have the experience and versatility to help you make the right impression. We have cherry-picked a diverse range of artists, ensuring you find the perfect sound for your audio brand.

Because your reception is free to deal with your most important enquiries, this increases your productivity. It creates a professional sounding feel to your business. This service is available through our partner Datatrust ltd. Below are some examples we have done for clients. 

Phone Prompts

IVR Prompts

Dublin Property Letting Prompt

Cois Sionna Credit Union Prompt



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