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Because Silence is Never Golden

New Products, New Promotions, or Special Offers to kick start your business with a New On Hold Message

On Hold Marketing Services

Our Aim

Expand your caller’s understanding of the many services or products you offer

Create interest in a specific or new product or service in a positive & educational way

Invite callers to join you on social media via your website, Facebook or Twitter

Provide information about your experience and your company’s successful track record

Why On Hold Advertising

 On Hold Advertising is all about customer retention. You have spent your marketing  budget getting them to call. If someone rings your business and your busy and don’t speak to them directly, they will hang up.

We don’t put our customers on hold. It’s what we frequently hear from businesses. Answer our calls promptly so no requirement. Think it causes a negative effect.

Well on hold advertising is about after the call is answered.


“Calls can be retained up to three times longer and will stop callers hanging up if there is no message”.

So what’s the answer ???


On Hold Europe supply Customised On Hold Messages. We specialise in creating bespoke advertising, so you can micro market to you callers. We want to inform them about your business in a clear and concise manner. Here is an example below. 


or just sample some of our royalty free music library



Our clientele consists of Credit Unions, Hotels, Real Estate Agents, Insurance and Motor companies.

These are among the many different sectors to use our services. Because on hold marketing works across so many sectors, it’s benefits speak for themselves. 


Calls can be retained up to three times longer and will stop callers hanging up if there is no message. 

“On average it is 5 times more costly to find new business, as opposed to increasing existing business.

“An average of 94% of advertising budgets are allocated toward making the Telephone ring.

Only 6% is spent handling the Client once the Call comes in.”

Why On Hold Marketing

Bespoke messages

We create bespoke advertising messages, up-sell to a captive audience, therefore increasing market awareness and sales. To improve call efficiency, we provide IVR phone prompts, optimising call response time.

We create relevant content, enabling business to up-sell products and services, while they cross sell newer services. 

Captive marketing can inform your customers of upcoming product launches. Announce your new innovations in your business, to a definable audience now on hold. 

Music Library

We have a library of Royalty Free Music in different styles. Our music is used in Internet, social media and multimedia presentations. Our great selection of music will add sparkle to your on hold productions.

Contact us today for further information. You can sample our library on our Digital Jukebox.

Website and Social Media

We provide Voiceover content for Website or Social Media projects. Make your media content come to life, excite customers in relation to your business.

Our talented voiceover artists can voice either for Corporate Video or Website projects.


VOIP Phone Systems

On Hold Europe provide VOIP Phone Systems and services, though our telecom partner of choice Datatrust. Voice Over IP offers great new technology, giving your communications greater flexibility and greater savings. This improves efficiency and integration of your telephony system and enhances your overall IT.

Who Datatrust are: Ireland’s leading VoIP Providers.

Datatrust, a wholly owned Irish Telecoms carrier, leads the way in VoIP Telephony to both the SME and Corporate markets.

Many businesses are aware of the cost saving potential of VoIP services. What is less known is how VoIP can open up possibilities for companies to trade in new and innovative ways.

What VoIP Can Do For Your Business

Businesses need to react quickly to changing market conditions. With our services, your business can be mobile, with offices in any location, and can grow or streamline at the touch of a button.

What VoIP Can Do For Your Business

Through a process of continuous monitoring and analysis, the use of cutting edge, firewall technology, intrusion detection systems and next generation anti-virus software, we can provide maximum security and advanced threat protection for your business.

With a Datatrust VoIP service, you can extend your phone system to any office anywhere in the country, or even the world. All your office needs is an Internet connection.

And of course, you don’t have to worry about the expense and difficulty organisations find themselves in when they have to move a fixed line.

Technology Independent

With no premise equipment to install and no fixed line costs, you don’t need to worry about investing in and maintaining any expensive hardware. You don’t need to worry about upgrades, security patches or resilience & fault tolerance.

All you need to run your Datatrust service is an Internet connection and a VoIP telephone. We take care of the rest and maintain a resilient, fault tolerant and class leading VoIP platform for you.


Contact us today Tel: (01) 404 5129

Get VoIP 

Considerable cost savings that VoIP offers to both residential as well as enterprise users as compared to traditional PSTN telephony is the key market driver.

VoIP adoption is rapidly growing in the enterprise space with companies realizing that efficiencies could be gained through the simplified management of a single voice & data network. Connect with us and be part of Ireland’s best VOIP service providers.

Our Digital Jukebox has many different genres of music. We provide music for multi-media or music production, Internet and social media presentations. We offer bespoke tracks for social media and website productions. Due to the quality we produce, our music has been used by several RTE Television productions. 


First of all we have put together some facts regarding on hold marketing. We want to show you how it can promote your business and improve your image. 

To view our On Hold Marketing Presentation click Video


Generic Messages (Members Only)

As a result of many years experience in on hold marketing, we wanted to make it simple to get access to our service. We have created two Levels of access to our website for members only.

Level 1 offers simple “Thank You” messages, a way to get started with on hold messages. Similarly Level 2 has more options with a much wider menu of messages. 

Because on hold marketing is something that is not initially part of your budget. We want to support business with a lower cost option. Using generic messages, with a selection of music you can make that decision now.

Contact us for further information and to discuss your options. 

Thank you for your time.

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