Music Library

Music Library

Music Library

On Hold Europe’s music library has a great selection. This is our passion and we enjoy creating tracks for any medium. The library comes with a royalty free agreement.

The music library ranges from Jazz, FM, Irish, Electronic. We also have Ambient Cinematic and World selections. It can be used across many platforms including Web, Social Media, TV and On Hold Productions. These are all available through our partners Datatrust ltd.

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Having music to listen to, can retain callers on hold, until you can assist them with their enquiry.  To listen to a larger selection, check out our Digital Jukebox.

As all our tracks are royalty free you can save money. Whether your using  music for on hold purposes or if you wish to use music in house in your store. 

Costs are generally set by the number of phones lines you have size of company. Anything regarding a store is regarded as public performance and charged as such. If you want more information, please call or email us and we can provide you with all the details. 

Bespoke Tracks

We compose bespoke tracks for specific productions. Contact us today to discuss what your requirements are. We can then create a piece tailored to your taste. 

Click to listen to any of the samples 

Music Selection


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