VoIP Recordings

VoIP Recordings

Voice Prompts for VoIP Systems

There’s no denying the presence of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Phone Systems.  But your VOIP system will only sound as good as the prompts, auto attendant messages, on-hold recordings and voicemail recordings that are loaded up to the system.  
Our talented team of creative writers, studio engineers and voice artists will help your brand sound great. 

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Unlimited Free calls to Ireland and UK Landlines. No limit on Devices. Fully installed by IP Telecom engineering team.



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20 users


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IP Telecom engineers perform full on-site Installation, configuration & training. IP Telecom’s policy is that customers never need to perform a self install. This is chargeable and quotes are based on site survey prior to installation. IP Telecom Hosted PBX customers receive Unlimited Free Ireland and UK Landline Calls each month.